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Protect Your Future with Life Insurance

Get Powell Benefit Group’s services for the best insurance plan that is tailored to your life goals. It can help you or the beneficiaries. These policies can help you pay tuition for your children or mortgage of your houses. So when something uncertain happens, your family will have a backup plan. So let us help you get the peace of mind you deserve. From temporary to permanent, we have expertise in all types of policies. So contact us if you are planning to get life insurance.
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What is Covered in Most Plans

Inclusions in the life insurance policies vary with the plan, type of company, and other factors like age, conditions, and financial state. It includes all short-term and long-term expenses. All insurance packages have different features and one cannot generalize it. But still, for an average person, most of the insurance policies can cover:

    • Funeral and burial expenses
    • Everyday expenses like Monthly bills, food, supplies, and other insurance costs
    • Mortage of your house
    • Debts and balances
    • Child care
    • Health expenses
    • College tuition of children

Types of Life Insurance

Terms Life

It may have limitations but has a lower cost. And you may be able to get the amount during your lifetime.

Final Expenses

The options work for most people who cannot get other packages, and it has lower cost so, lower payouts. These packages primarily cover funeral expenses.

Whole-Life Insurance (Permanent)

This package covers the entire life and has higher premiums compared to other packages. Most people choose these for their family’s stronger financial future.
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